How does tax fraud affect me?

Construction Industry Tax Fraud is personal. The harm from greedy contractors and labor brokers trickles down to vulnerable families, local workers, and the programs and infrastructure we all rely on.

Social Income

$8.4 Billion was lost in Federal + State Tax Revenue*

$2.98 Billion lost in Social Security and Medicare Coverage

Our local roads, bridges, Medicare, Social Security, and veteran services are all underfunded

Human Trafficking

$17 Billion is saved by greedy contractors*

Coerced labor takes advantage of the most vulnerable families. Contractors and labor brokers find workers trying to provide for their families and use them to become richer while they suffer. Cash payments and unreported work create creates larger profits for a few while workers and taxpayers pick loose out.

Wage Theft

Possibly 2.16 million workers are misclassified or "Off the Books"

$1.74 Billion shortfalls in Workers Compensation*

$811.1 Million in Overtime not paid*

$725.1 Million shortfalls in unemployment insurance*

Basic worker’s rights are disregarded in favor of profits by greedy contractors and labor brokers.

Tax Fraud Days of Action 2023 Attorneys General Roundtable

Tax Fraud Day of Action continues! This year the Carpenter Contractor Trust will be hosting a Attorneys General Roundtable on April 13th to get the word out about the enforcement efforts in our region and what you need to know about construction industry tax fraud.


Spotlight Washington DC:

Residents Pay, Underground Economy Profits

Speak Up! Take Action!

Working families from across our region need to speak up and ask their state leaders to enforce the laws in place to fight Tax Fraud. We have already seen progress and victims of wage theft and worker misclassification helped since our campaign started in 2019. Unscrupulous contractors have been investigated and punished for their misclassification of workers, but we cannot let up. As more and more of these contractors are caught we see more good contractors on local job sites fairly paying into our social institutions. This adds needed investment into our local infrastructure, schools, veteran’s services, and Social Security and Medicare. Join our fight Today!!!

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